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and then the robots killed [entries|friends|calendar]
Aiden Gibson

aeroponics replay

name; aiden
birthdate; 02/13/86
zodiac; aquarius
location; bellingham, washington
school; n/a
occupation; n/a
hobbies; art, music, reading, sleeping, eating, shows

music; mates of state, the casual dots, stereo total, cloud room, jet, camera obscura, the new pornographers, chicks on speed, kanye west, genesis, jeff buckley, journey, the knack, rufus wainright, an albatross, azure ray, anal cunt, blonde redhead, the rocket summer, hot hot heat, bikini kill, beck, beep beep, apollo sunshine, belle and, sebastian, ttc, sage francis, ben lee, bjork, black box recorder, blur, bob dylan, bratmobile, bright eyes, cat power, chinese stars, elefant, crime mob, damian rice, deerhoof, depeche mode, mogwai, pretty girls make graves, rufus wainright, the chemical brothers, dirty sanchez, division of laura lee, saves the day, siouxsie and the banshees, elastica, tegan and sara, electro clash, horse the band, elliot smith, flaming lips, forest for the trees, ima robot, jack johnson, jen wood, jim james, jimmy buffet, joy division, liquid tension, mars volta, pedro the lion, the polyphonic spree, pet shop boys, portishead, red light sting, starlight mints, the blood brothers, the cranberries, the faint, the fitness, the moving units, q and not u, the popular shapes, the shins, the strokes, the unicorns, velvet underground, xiu xiu, the stiletto formal, mae

literature; under the banner of heaven, stranger than fiction, lullaby, fugitives and refugees, candide , haunted [a novel], a rock and a hard place, the ice storm, the virgin suicides, el diario de motocicleta, east of eden, fight club, lullaby, invisable monster, survivor, diary, amnesiascope, namedropper, choke, fake liar cheat, number 6 fumbles, the fuck up, the perks of being a wallflower, franny and zooey, catcher in the rye, the fountainhead, a million little pieces, the time traveler's wife, the beatiful and the damned, the sound and the fury, after sunset, jermey thatcher the dragon hatcher

film; rocky horror picture show,stand by me, half baked, equilibrium, fight club, ace ventura 2, the lion king, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, better than chocolate, the motorcycle diaries, pulp fiction, raise your voice, welcome to the dollhouse, the breakfast club, mean girls, quills, sideways, betsys wedding, beyond the valley of the dolls, y tu mama tambien, nicotina, momento, charlies angels

Just walk away, gather your thoughts. For the second wave of this argument of this epic changing day. It’s crazy to think that an hour ago all things were great. We stand here both proud; both wrong and right. Throwing cheap shots in this stubborn fight snd our lives are so intertwined in one. We’re just so stuck in this moment, it’s clear that we’re coming undone. And you see, it’s hard for me to breathe when I get all worked up with these feelings. And I don’t know exactly how it is that we can be so mad. We considered not to exist. We both know that there’s so much love clenched within our fists. Goodbye waves in the driveway just resonate. And yes I’m throwing it right back at her while we’re drowning in rivers from our faces. We just want know is this, is this over? Trembling silence fills the air as we stand here so impaired, but so aware. Sit in this house alone with fresh photographs. I just can’t relax my cigarette smoke...I’m starting to choke on this. Half of my soul is on the road, im in a car with the girl in a dress. See it’s making it hard for me to breathe when I get all worked up with these feelings. And I don’t know exactly how it is that just to say I’m right. You’re wrong, we both lose to win. So hey now, maybe we’re just being stupid. Hey, maybe we’re just being dumb. No, hey, maybe it’s time that we stopped. Because I love you, and you love me and nothing will make this leave. Remember me, don't walk away.



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MOVED ONCE AGAIN [ Thursday, 07/28/05, 6:31pm ]
I promise this will be the last livejournal I create..


please add me.
6 miles to the next stop

friends only [ Thursday, 06/02/05, 10:35pm ]
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118 miles to the next stop

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